Tablescape stylist, wife, mom, smoothie connoisseur, foodie, pursuer of travel and continuous learning,  a passion for detail and an appreciation of life’s little things.

You want to connect with your family around the table,  I have the ideas and styles to get you there.

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When I decided to put style and love into my tablescapes,  my life stated to change in ways I never imagined.  For the longest time I held back on making holiday’s special.   Hosting dinner parties seemed like too much effort, and the thought of not knowing how to decorate my table, or what to make for dinner seemed overwhelming.  One of my greatest joy’s is connecting with people over food, but I use to get all nervous about the details.  So instead of hosting and having people over, we would eat out at restaurants for the holidays, which was fine but it felt so impersonal and didn’t feel special.

So what changed? 

I decided I wanted to put some effort, and style into my holiday celebration. When I did this,our whole dining experience exploded to a whole new level. Enjoyment and excitement exuded from each of us.    Style doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate, but it does need to be planned and intentional.   I can tell you what I know to be true, a tablescape dressed in style is your hearts expression of love and attention, a signalling beacon for connection.

Through my work as a tablescape stylist, I helpwomen host beautiful dinner experiences, so that they feel connected with those who matter most to them. 

In between designing tablescapes, you can find me hanging out with my family figuring out our favorite bakery, and traveling. Yes my travels inform my tablescapes and the recipes I create.  I am mostly known for my attention to detail, and funny enough my favorite hashtag is #MyLoveISInThe Details.

I am so honored when my family and friends gush over my design work, it always makes me so giddy with excitement to think of myself as a creative person. They inspire me to reach new heights, and are a constant reminder that my formal education, bachelors degree in Political Science, Masters degree in Political Science, and Masters in Health Services Administration, along with Life Coach training & Bare Certification in Healthy + Living while totally unrelated to tablescape design;  all influence my attention to detail, organization, healthy recipe creation, motivating others and content writing. Phew! That was a mouthful. 

My digital email subscription is worth every dollar,  because they are a time saver, and probably a money saver too. I design the tablescapes looks, and give you recipe suggestions and all you have to do is execute the idea in your own way.  It’s an ‘all in one’  for all your essentials, plus all those little extra’s you will need to host an unforgettable dining experience.

Now, if we had it my way, then I would invite you all to my house for dinner.  But since I don’t see that happening any time soon, connecting with you from my inbox to yours is the next best thing.  I would love for you to sigh up right here for your yearly Tablescapes in Style subscription, so that youcan experience your next dinning experience with ease, style and joy. 

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