Bringing it home

Day 7- of my 12 days of Christmas in Style

Brining it home today, with Gail Simmon’s brand new cookbook.   I had the rare opportunity to meet this Top Chef judge a few weeks ago in Toronto and it was incredible.  I tasted some her yummy recipes as well as a couple of her delicious cocktail, straight from her new cook book-“Brining it Home”, order it right here.

This gift is perfect for anyone who loves and appreciates cooking.  Gail is a culinary force, and is able to translate her expertise to even the novice cooks.  I made her grilled pineapple here, and my family loved it.

The second photo is me with Gail in Toronto. Many people were excited that I got a chance to meet her;  but many also asked where I purchased my purple blouse.  It was a great find, and one of my favorites this season, I bought it at the Bay.