Connection, or Connected, it's your Choice.

Nestled right next to you is your constant companion and business lifeline; your phone is constantly buzzing, sending alerts and reminders to pay attention to your business. You always oblige, answering all your phone calls, responding promptly to texts and always deliver your best work. Your days are moving quickly, and you are accomplishing more than ever before. But when it comes to connecting with your family you feel like you fall short. With a busy work day, often the last thing on your mind at 5:00p.m. is preparing dinner with your family. Instead you decide to grab something to eat in the car while waiting for your child(ren)to finish soccer practice. 


If this description sounds eerily like you, be assured it’s not because I’m stalking you. I know what your days look like because I have been there myself. I used to prepare snacks or easy-to-grab meals and eat them while driving my kids to their after-school activities. While the food filled us up, it left us feeling unsatisfied and empty; there was something missing. It was connection and real conversation. The easy back and forth about how we were all feeling and how we experienced our days. This was a vitalmissing link. I decided it was time to make an effort and intentionally block time in my calendar for family dinners at home. Here is how it started for me and is something that you can implement as well.

1) Using the calendar feature on your phone as you do for all important must-not-miss meetings and appointments, schedule one night in your busy week and block that time to have dinner at home with your family.

2) The night before, decide ‘what’ you want to have for dinner. Now, take it a step further and envision how you will serve this meal, like plates you will use to serve around your table, special napkins or glassware to complement the theme of the meal. Something as simple as ‘Taco Tuesday’ is made more special by the addition of bright orange or yellow napkins and some fiesta-type music. Perhaps you even stop off and buy a bouquet of fowers to arrange as a centerpiece.

3) The meal does not need to be homemade, with all the modern day conveniences it’s easy to grab a healthy pre-made meal at the grocery store. However, when you do bring your food home arrange it in beautiful plates or platters.  Do not leave the food in its take out container. Using your ‘good’ china, linen table clothes and special napkins will make it clear that you’ve made an effort for the family and the are important ‘guests.’

Implementing these easy steps for great connection and conversation with those that matter most in your life shouldn't be a chore, rather let it be a moment to remember. Your family deserves to be treated as well as guests and setting a beautiful table – at least once each week – lets them know you care. For tips to make everyone feel comfortable and valued at your table, subscribe to my bi-monthly offering of information at