Back to School-with a twist

I decided to surprise my kids with a back to school table that was different from what they were expecting.  Which meant that I was not going to decorate the table with school supplies, apples for the teacher, or school buses.  A natutical theme emergered, along with an end of summer flower-the sunflower-and a surf n' turf menu.  

The Back to School twist came in the form of 'goals' I asked my kids to think about for themselves.  This year I want my kids to stretch a little further, and take more risks.  I asked them to think about what they would like to improve upon in terms of physical fitness, mental fitness, and attitudes.  They each took a few minutes to write down their goals.  As a family we then discussed 'how' they can go about taking small action steps towards their goals.

I truly beleive that setting goals that feel right is the first step toward living a meaningful life.   My kids are all school age, so talking to them about how to set goals, the importance of goals, and how to achieve goals was appropriate. Plus the nautical tablescape set a playful vibe.   In my opinion, it's never too early to start talking to your kids about ways in which they can take control of their actions, dreams and attitudes.  It brings families together, and allows everyone to have a turn sharing their goals, or in case of my youngest child, helps him to start thinking about the things he would like to work on. 

I encourage you to take few moments around you dinner table and talk to your kids about goals, and ways in which they can be the best version of themselves.