My Why

Recently I’ve been reflecting on ‘WHY’ I set tablescapes. 

Thinking back to the very first tablescape that I set for my family I realized that my goal was a simple one.  It had come to my attention that we had all gotten drawn in to our busy lives and screens and lost sight of what is truly important.  Spending time with one another, deep in conversation, sharing laughter, our thoughts, and emotions.  And so that very first tablescape was about being together, slowing down, getting off the proverbial electronic grid, and sharing a meal, an activity, and a theme.  We laughed, we cried, we re-connected. 

Today, the reason why I continue to set tables remarkably remains one and the same.  But, I think that taking the time to reflect on the “WHY”, and the with “WHOM” has helped to confirm my resolve .  It made me realize just how important it is to bring families, friends, and people together to keep us grounded in meaningful interaction.

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