5 ways to Savor the Summer

Do you feel relieved that carefree summers days are here? or are you dreading the summer because you know your kids will be on their devices, plugged into their cell phones, and texting friends?   What if I told you that you have only 18 summers at best with your kids before they are off to college.    

I’m sure most of you are thinking, what only 18 summers. When a friend with older children first mentioned this, I was brought to tears.  The next thought was, I better start making every summer matter.  

With this in mind,  I am more determined to create more digital free moments with my family. 

Make it a point this summer to unplug from digital devices a little more often, and find new ways that you and your family can experience together time.  By doing so, you create lasting memories, and most importantly you will all have fun.   Here are just a few ways you can savor together time this summer.

1.    Punctuate your week with pleasure-You are more likely to look forward to the week ahead if you sprinkle it with some fun.  I say, plan a picnic-on a weeknight.  Pack all your family favorites in a basket and head outside in your backyard.  Enlist your kids to help plan and pack, they will love being included this way.

2.    TRY something new- attend your first ‘Lantern Fest’ -or how about a hot air balloon ride, or if you never tried camping, start in your backyard. 

3.    Entertain a block/street party-this is a great way to meet all your neighbors.  Set up some tables and ask each household to bring their favorite dish and dessert.  It’s a great way to get all the neighbors together and catch up.

4.    Pick berries-every month choose a berry that is in season, then plan a family outing to the berry fields.  Once home, challenge each family member to create a dish with the berries. 

5.    Get outside-how about setting up an outdoor movie night. Set up a projector in your backyard and enjoying a movie under the stars. 

You only get a few summers with sticky ice cream kisses, sandy beach experiences, and lemonade by the lake. This is your moment to savor the summer with your family.