Half Time Entertainment-Family Style

Super Bowl Inspiration-

Half time is here, get your family up and over to your tablescapes and have some fun. 

I am not a beer drinker, but guess what?  Beer (well not in the traditional sense) was my inspiration for this easy and fun interactive family friendly tablescape.  Create your own Root Beer Float Station. Yum Yum.


The Set Up
I bought this green floor runner from party city  for $8.99, along with these tiny soft footballs.  

I found 2 burlap table runners and placed them on either end of the green runner.  I then placed these yellow goal posts on either end. Now the field is set for the game!  


The Food-Make it yourself-Root Beer Float Station-

Playing on the theme of the beer tent, I thought I would set up Haagen Dazs ice cream, A & W root beer, and frosted mugs, or frosted mason jars for the best results.


Finally-the best for last-My Giant Beergarita.
So it’s my birthday, and I thought why not make myself the ultimate beer drink and share with my love.
The main ingredient Corona beer

Limeade concentrate, and tequila, and crushed ice. I’d recommend a good tequila like an anejo or reposada. Your can go with a Patron or more recently I have been using Casamigos.

Take two cups of limeade, 3 ounces of tequila and 1 bottle of Corona. Be sure to apply a healthy coating of ungranulated raw sugar to the rim after running a lime wedge along it. Garnish with lime wedges and add a couple straws. Or if it has been one of those days just endulge yourself. After all my husband is a liver transplant surgeon.

That’s all folks.  An easy and most of all fun half time entertainment table that will have your family talking several days after.  Gather, Connect and Make Memories.


5 Tips to Helping Your Smoothie Look Beautiful

You want your morning smoothie to taste good, and look great!  Let’s be honest, we first eat with our eyes, and if it looks good, chances are you are more likely to enjoy your morning indulgence. 


Here are five easy ways I make my delicious smoothie look great:

  1. Add color.  I used a slice of orange, and placed it on top of my spinach smoothie.  Colour does wonders for your mood but it also signals an invitation to dig in.
  2. Add texture to your smoothie, this initiates interest.  Here I spread chia seeds on my smoothie.
  3. Add another food group, like granola, sunflower seeds, or coconut flakes, or you can use chopped fruit.
  4. Use a fancy glass.  You can’t see it but I used a glass with a stem.  It makes it look fancy, and oh so pretty.
  5. Use a colouful straw, why?  Because it's fun! 

There you have it, easy ways to make your next morning smoothie look beautiful and inviting to your palate.  If you are interested the recipe to the sunrise smoothie, here it is:


1 banana

½ cup of almond milk

½ orange freshly squeezed 

1 cup of chopped spinach

Directions: place all ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth.


This smoothie gets me excited for summer as it's coming! My June TableScapes in Style Subscription will be soon released! Take 10% off of your subscription HERE by using code SUMMER. Perfect gift for a friend or someone special in your life as a little surprise or birthday gift!