A bit of sweet and a bit of savoury

Some moms are all sugar and nice, while others are a bit more salty and earthy, so setting the perfect table to suit your mother's personality is a matter of taste, literally and figuratively.

You are always on the go, checking off you items on your to-do lists; you end your day with a smile of satisfaction but also a sense of relief. You close eyes only to begin planning the next day, but this time your face relaxes as you envision sitting among those who are part of your shared sisterhood of mothers. You are all enjoying yourself around a table that fills all your senses. Before you dig into the tasty food, you notice that the sweet smell of rose petals fills your senses, the warm tones of peach softens your gaze, and the ambiance that your guests bring to your table envelops your heart.

The color palette of peach, coral, cantaloupe and basil are the perfect combination for your Mother’s Day brunch, a coming together of love and appreciation for one another. The sweet and savouy food that is displayed allows your guests to pick and choose whatever delicacy they wish to indulge. After all this day is all about allowing yourself to reach for whatever looks, feels and tastes delicious.     


Slowing down and coming together doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Too busy to bake? Too stressed to cook? Purchased desserts and easy-to-assemble treats can be as delicious as those you had the time to personally create.

In these pictures, all of the food items were sourced through Loblaw’s and set among everyday dishes. The key: unpackaging and resetting on white plates, stands and trays to show off an array of eye-pleasing colours. Single-colour place settings let the various hues of the food really sing and maintaining a cohesive colour scheme – like the one shown here – ensures that a simply elegant look is achievable. 

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