Traditional - Complimentary


Traditional - Complimentary


My traditional tablescapes are timeless with a fresh and elegant twist. Pale blues, lavender, mint, gold and goldenrod shades.  Fabrics for table lines are usually silk, lace, or cotton.  Fancy, but not too over the top when it comes to tablescape comfort. Elegant, full of love and fanciness describe this style.

With your subscription to the Traditional TableScapes by Style, you will receive an email every other month with a Tablescape with instructions and beautiful pictures to help you prepare for your next dinner party! PLUS, get extra bonus items listed below.

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If you love elegant and beautiful table settings, this subscription is perfect for you! You will receive an email with step by step instructions and gorgeous photos to help you decorate for the upcoming holiday, or an event or just a fun dinner party. Included will be links on where to purchase the items displayed. 

Beautifully designed free printable name cards are included with your subscription as well as a menu to download and print off to display for your guests. 


Also included is a free printable invitation to deliver to your guests if you choose to make it more of a fun and/or formal event. 


Included in each subscription will be an appetizer or side dish recipe including an ingredient list and instructions, plus a main dish recipe.  Here I have my turkey quinoa meatloaf and cauliflower, potato mash, yum!  You will also get a cocktail recipe or my favorite wine pairing with the meal.


Finally, the best for last.  Included in each subscription will be a fun kids activity or interactive conversation ideas for the family table.  Keeping it fun, light and always sweet. Here we have anice cream sundae station.  Scoops of vanilla ice cream with various sweet toppings for the whole family to enjoy.