The Simple Things

Today is my Father’s 77th birthday, and I really didn’t have anything planned.  After all it is a Monday, and the kids have activities after school.  But, last night it occurred to me that every birthday we get to spend with my parents is a blessing.  So with that in mind we adjusted and rearranged our schedules to make this evening extra special, for a man who always goes out of his way for all of us.  

I picked a tweed plaid wool table runner that resembles his dapper and tailored style.  My Father loves to look nice.  The matching plaid napkins also remind me of his cravats or ties.  

I then placed a long wooden cutting board on top of the runner and will using it for decoration as well as serving and placing food on the table.  The menu is rustic and cozy, perfect for this chilly fall day. A leek and potato soup, broccoli salad, braised short ribs with a cauliflower mash, and finally for dessert birthday cake.