Hi everyone, and welcome to my first blog post for TableScapes in Style.


I am so grateful that you are here.  My entry into creating tablescape styles all started when my family and I lived in Chicago.  

As a Mom of three great kids, and wife to an equally great and busy husband, I started to feel like school, work, activities, and household commitments were pullingus in different directions.  I knew that I wanted to connect more with my family, but it didn’t seem possible.  Life becamebusy.  I felt like my kids were giving me the Coles notes version of their lives.  I wanted to know more about their days, their friendships, their challenges.  I wanted our family to really come together.   I wanted to celebrate, and it started by creating fun tablecapes.  

My family reacted so positively to my tablescapes;  it was as if the beauty and ambiance evoked greater conversation and connection.  I knew that I was on to something special with my tablescapes, and I knew that I wanted to help others create the same connection with their families.  


When we allowed ourselves to slow down, savor our food, taste each bite, and engage in conversation,, our whole dining experience became more joyful.  

Is this possible for your family?  Of course it is.  With each email subscription I will share tablescapes styles and recipes, but I will also share ways in which greater connection can occur around yourtable.